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The Basilica and Sanctuary of Ocotlan

Not too far from Mexico City is the State of Tlaxcala--"the birthplace of the Mexican nation."

Located in the central highlands of Mexico, this area is rich in archeological remains of ancient cultures as well as magnificent Spanish colonial architecture from the 16th to the 18th century.

The story behind the basilica and sanctuary dates to 1541. Ten years after the Virgin Mary appeared to Juan Diego, near Mexico City, she appeared in what is today the city of Tlaxcala. Her apparition resulted in the formation of a water well that still exists, and which is considered miraculous. Her image was found within an ocote tree; it was removed and preserved in a silver niche in the main altarpiece within the basilica, where you can see it today. Our Lady of Ocotlan is the patron saint of the states of Tlaxcala and neighboring Puebla.


Our Lady of Ocotlan
Image of Our Lady of Ocotlan inside the Basilica, Tlaxcala
Photo by Ann Slattery, December 2016

Ocotlan Apparition
The story of the Ocotlan apparition in a painting inside the basilica; you can see Our Lady’s image within the tree.
Photo by Ann Slattery, December 2016

Basilica and Sanctuary of OcotlanExterior of the Basilica and Sanctuary of Ocotlan, Tlaxcala
Photo by Ann Slattery, December 2016