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The Stabat Mater Foundation advances the culture of life through prayer and art.

In our times, churches, religious institutions, and the faithful suffer from a lack of great art, a lack of beauty in their surroundings. Though great artists have arisen in our time, many struggle to find adequate patronage to sustain their vocation. Further, many people lack knowledge of the great patrimony of sacred art and its profound history and meaning.

The Stabat Mater Foundation exists to confront this reality. Great art is possible, and should be promoted, cultivated, and shared. To that end, the Stabat Mater Foundation engages in the following:

  • A prayer apostolate which prays for artists and their patrons

  • The promotion of Catholic artists and their works through our network

  • Creating a marketplace for individual artists to gain recognition and new interest in their work

  • Evangelization activities and catechesis about sacred art

  • Mentorship and coaching of artists to help them achieve sustainability in their craft


You can discover how many of these goals are achieved through our Stabat Mater Art Fellowship.

Although there are many resources available that can teach us about sacred art, the Stabat Mater Foundation is different because it facilitates the meeting of artist and patron so as to advance the viability, growth, and ultimate success of the artist’s vocation, and all of this in a quiet setting in which to contemplate the beauty of creation.

The Foundation expands the work of the Stabat Mater Apostolate by providing ways to support artists both spiritually and concretely through its art fellowship, educational programs, and retreat opportunities, always endeavoring to emphasize the meaning and importance of the artistic vocation. It strives to connect artists and arts supporters in their common pursuit of the fine arts, especially Catholic religious art. To further this connection, the Stabat Mater Foundation will develop and host Catholic retreats, seminars, and workshops.


The biggest project in mind is the planning of an “Art Farm” in rural East Texas, where like-minded artists and arts supporters can gather to absorb the connection between Truth, Beauty, and Goodness while enjoying the quiet solemnity of nature. The 130-year-old family heritage Stafford’s Meadow Farm in hilly, wooded East Texas provides a setting for inspiring activities that reveal the beauty of nature, the Catholic faith, and timeless fine art. 

Beauty in our institutions is essential. Through our Foundation, a growing guild of Catholic artists, sustained by a just wage, will see their work beautify and transform churches, homes, and institutions throughout the world.

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