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"Stabat Mater" signifies Our Lady Standing at the Cross (literally from the Latin, "the Mother was standing"). This phrase evolved in the first centuries of the Christian Church to describe the posture of Mary, the mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ, as she witnessed the execution of her son on the cross. She did not cower and she did not flee. She stood there and remained standing, faithful to the end.

The name Stabat Mater was chosen for our apostolate because of the example of fidelity given by Mary. Being faithful to one's calling is challenging, no matter what that calling may be. Artists particularly can experience personal hardship as a result of their vocation and therefore need our prayers.

At the core of the mission of the Stabat Mater Foundation is the Stabat Mater Prayer Apostolate. The apostolate is committed to praying for the creators of the images, sounds, words, buildings, landscapes, and performances in today’s culture. We want to know the needs of artists in all art forms so we can ask Our Blessed Mother for graces for them, their families, and their benefactors. We shall implore the Holy Spirit to guide their work, fill their needs, and attract many souls to Christ and His Church. Through this simple effort, we believe we can advance the Culture of Life. (Submit your prayer request here or email requests directly to

Here’s how you can help:


PLUS: We have just started a new effort to intensify and expand this important effort worldwide. Please read on, and let us know if you are interested in being part of the newly launched "Heart and Soul of Art"! There are four prayer artists already! 

If you recognize the state of beauty (or lack of it) in our world today . . .

If you feel drawn to prayer for this intention . . .

Then please consider becoming a volunteer “prayer artist” for the Stabat Mater Foundation. We have formed the "Stabat Mater Heart and Soul of Art" (The Heart), whose purpose is to offer immediate prayers for all artists, as soon as they are received at our website. Any artist, family member, or benefactor can submit a prayer request and know that there will be people immediately praying for that intention, before it is announced to the entire Stabat Mater mailing list. Additionally, everyone in The Heart will pray each month for a different need or occupation. For example, January – all painters, February – all sculptors. March – all printmakers, April – all architects, etc. There are many, many occupations!

Sign up to be in The Heart. (There are no dues or membership fees.)


Dearest Lord, you have set aside a vocation for each of us. We ask you to guide those whom you have called to be artists to endeavor to participate in the renewal of beauty in our culture through the use of their vocation. We ask you for a renewal of a bond between the world of art and the world of faith.

May artists brave the culture and bring Christ to all God’s children through their gift, the gift of an artistic vocation. We thank you for the beauty of your creation and ask for your blessing upon all artists that they may awaken in all people a knowledge of your love and omnipotence. We love you God and we praise you.  Amen.

Vogeler Cross Stafford's Meadow Farm

"The Vogeler Cross" - Terry Vogeler, Sculptor, 2016

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